More than just yoga classes

As a qualified brain-body medicine coach, I help you listen to your intuition and use it to heal your body, leaving you feeling happier, healthier and more relaxed.

Life today has never been busier or more stressful. It’s easy to spend your days feeling anxious and exhausted, as though your body feels years older than its natural age. Unexplained aches and pains are often your body’s way of drawing attention, sending you a vital message that it’s time you took some positive action.

With my extensive range of classes and therapies, you’re sure to find the perfect method to help you heal and bring some natural vibrance back into your life. I’m always happy to answer questions, so please contact me for any further information.

  • Yoga, meditation and relaxation - group, private group, and 1-2-1 classes
  • Specialist anxiety, stress and depression management courses
  • Chronic pain management - including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome / ME 
  • Corporate stress management 
  • Pre-natal classes to help you relax, connect with baby, and prepare for birth
  • Brain-body medicine
  • Holistic counselling
  • Reiki

About Stephanie

My yoga story 

Fifteen years ago as a backpacker in Australia, I decided to try a yoga class at the gym. I have no idea what gave me the idea, just curiosity I guess. I remember laughing at myself because I couldn’t do anything, I mean, I could not do ANYTHING! At the age of just 22, my body was completely stiff, inflexible, and stuck (kind of like my life…). I couldn’t “do” a single asana (pose), I struggled through the class, and yet somehow, I was hooked!

Since then my practice has developed and grown, stopping and starting, the periods without yoga becoming ever shorter as I came to realise the impact it had on the rest of my life, and that yoga is so much more than just “doing postures”; that it is in fact, a way of life. 

I am not a dancer, swimmer, runner, and have never particularly enjoyed any kind of sport or physical exercise other than walking, so my body is not naturally open or flexible in any way – I am not “made for yoga”. As I have discovered though, yoga isn’t about twisting your body into crazy positions, or the ability to balance upside down; it’s about your willingness to learn, and to understand your body, mind and your true Self. It’s about connecting body and breath, opening heart and mind to the many benefits of the asanas (poses), and to being completely in the present moment – both on and off the mat.

When I was about 33, I developed “unexplained”, chronic pain in my body that lasted for a couple of years. I was living in a small town in the countryside of Vietnam at the time, and there were no quality traditional or alternative treatments available. The pain forced me to back right out of the more challenging practice that I’d loved for years, but I didn’t have to stop practising altogether. That’s the great thing about yoga; you can change the way you practice to suit your needs at different times in your life. Yoga really is for everyone, no matter how old, how unfit, how inflexible!


My classes 

I hope that my classes will lead you to a place of calm and quiet that you can carry into the rest of your life. I hope that you will discover the joy of being present in your body, simply moving, enjoying the feeling of stretching and flowing with your breath.

I will create space for you to listen to your body, to ask yourself, “what do I really need right now?” and to practice  accordingly. I will encourage you to give yourself permission to stop doing, and instead just BE! Allow yourself to really be in your body, be in this moment… how does that feel? 

There is no competition in yoga – each time you come to the mat is a different day, a different time, a different season. Instead of starting from where you left off in your last practice, start from where you are in the present moment. I invite you to join me, to discover for yourself just how good yoga feels!