Fed up of your body feeling older than you are?

Brain-body medicine is a way of healing our body through our brain instead of simply turning to medicine, surgery, or something outside of ourselves. Our body has an innate way of healing itself if we only listen to what it is telling us. When we are under stress, when we are unhappy with our work, family, partner, health, home, financial situation etc., then it will eventually affect our health in some way.

Many of us have “unexplained” aches and pains, and these are likely to be our body’s way of getting our attention; making us slow down and face up to whatever it is we are avoiding. Through brain-body medicine we learn to listen to our intuition, listen to what our body needs to heal, and make the necessary changes that will allow our body to heal, helping us to feel happier, healthier, and more vibrant in our life!


What is Brain-Body Medicine and how does it work?

Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can alter the physiology of our body. Loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, pessimism, fear are harmful to our body, while love, happiness, sense of purpose, good relationships and friendships, sex, meditation all switch on the body’s healing process, and promote good health. Brain-body medicine guides a person to understand the connection between their thoughts and their perception of a situation, their brain’s “translation” of these thoughts and perceptions into hormonal, electrical, and chemical responses in the body, and their physical health. It helps a person to use that information to make changes in the necessary areas of their life e.g. relationship, career, finance, spirituality etc., to bring about healing in their body. "Brain" is the part of the body, "mind" is the function of the brain, and "consciousness" changes the physical health of the body through both the mind and the brain.