A method of teaching for children who have cerebral palsy or other motor disorders

Conductive Education is a method of teaching for people who have neurological motor disorders such as Parkinson’s, stroke, head injury, MS, or cerebral palsy. It is a way of life rather than something that is done only at a specific time, and it considers the whole person and how their family is also affected by their condition.

I specialise in working with babies and young children who have cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, or other motor disorders. My aim is to enable these children to learn to be as active as possible throughout their daily life, and assist them in striving towards future independence.

 Conductive Education aims to develop:

  • Motor skills needed for crawling, sitting, standing, walking etc.
  • Fine motor skills - eating, writing, doing up buttons and zips etc.
  • Motivation, intention and interest
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Self-care skills
  • Social interaction skills
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Problem solving

I will show you practical ways to facilitate your child’s active participation throughout the day, for example when transferring to and from wheelchair, dressing, eating, playing, communicating etc., and to create ongoing oppor-tunities for them to learn, and to succeed. It is a great opportunity for siblings to be more involved, to learn to play and interact with their brother / sister, and to develop their special friendship.

I also do a lot of work training carers from outside the home. I have found that once they understand your child’s condition, they are more comfortable and confident to interact with your child, they have expectations of them to participate actively in games and self-care, which means your child has more opportunity to learn and develop all of their skills. In this way, time spent with their carer is more productive and fun than simply being cared for.

Throughout my time in Vietnam, I spent many years as a volunteer with children who have disabilities - first in a government orphanage and an early intervention centre in Saigon, then later for two years with VSO in Hoi An, a small countryside town in the centre of Vietnam, where I was setting up CE services and training local staff.

I returned to England at the end of 2015, and am now working privately with children in their homes in Essex and surrounding areas.

  • Fully qualified and experienced conductor
  • Qualified teacher of “Yoga for the Special Child”
  • Current full DBS check (certificate will be provided)
  • Free initial consultation with first session (total 90 mins)
  • Available for private sessions in your home
  • Can provide training for care / learning support assistants
  • Based in Essex, able to travel