Get ready to beat anxiety and depression
– the Holistic Life Yoga way

If you often find yourself crippled by anxiety and depression, you’ll know only too well how they can stop you living the vibrant and happy life you were truly meant to live.

As a qualified brain-body medicine coach, I can help you rediscover your natural vitality, encouraging you to take back control of your life and look forward to a calm, worry-free future. 

This is what you’ll discover during my specialist six-week course:

  • The cause of stress, depression, and panic / anxiety attacks
  • How stress and anxiety affect your health
  • To recognise your personal stress and anxiety triggers
  • To change limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs that contribute to anxiety
  • Practical ways to manage worries and think more positively
  • Simple yoga poses to calm nervous system, encourage proper breathing, and release tension from your body in order to relieve anxiety
  • Different meditation styles to help quiet your mind, get more clarity, and make better decisions
  • How to prevent anxiety / panic attacks through breathing techniques that calm and relax your nervous system
  • A simple relaxation technique to overcome anxiety and depression, and relieve other symptoms of stress such as IBS, high blood pressure, insomnia, low energy, aches and pains

                 New course starts Monday 19 February 2018!

To take advantage of the Early Bird £90.00 special offer, book your place by 14 February. Full price £102.00 for all other bookings.

Simply contact me for further information, and start your journey to a relaxed and happy life!